When looking to obtain high-quality results, business owners and managers are often required to know everything about everything, but this is neither realistic, nor reliable. Handling with these very different skills and tasks can be simplified if you work and surround yourself with experts.


Throughout his consulting programs, Eugen offers advice and expertise to executives and managers to help them improve their business performance in terms of IT operations and projects, people management, leadership and team development strategy, being a real partner for them by breaking free of the client-vendor stereotype.


Whether you are a company or an institution, you will receive all needed support and guidance to achieve your sustainable development goals.

Information Technology

  • Software Development projects supervision:
    To be successful, a software development project should be managed both on the vendor and on the customer side. While it is clear with the responsibilities of the project manager who controls the project team’s effort, the role of the project supervisor is often underestimated. By taking time to oversee the manager’s actions, the project supervisor can help the customer timely notice if the project goes wrong and prevent its failure.

    The project manager’s ability to make the project team meet project deadlines, allocate reasonable efforts and cater for quality assurance should be systematically evaluated. Furthermore, the project supervisor should also address the manager’s ability to control the budget, allocate the right resources and ensure proper risk prediction and handling measures.
  • Strategic planning: Trustworthy consultant for any business decision that may affect your technology needs.
    As an IT strategy advisor, Eugen works in partnership with customers to improve the structure and efficiency of various IT systems in their organisations, advising them how to use Information Technology (services and solutions) in order to meet their business objectives or overcome problems.

People and Project Management

People manage projects, not tools!

Create and manage high performing teams through a people centric approach! Eugen will work closely with your HR department to choose the right people and form a cohesive and autonomous team. You will also receive support to start the project, organize, monitor, assess and improve the processes.


Leadership consulting is a holistic way of looking at the leadership capacity in your organisation to maximise its alignment with your business goals and turn it into your ultimate advantage.

Great project managers are strong people managers and true leaders, recognising that they have to build a high-performing team quickly and apply the right style of team and people leadership appropriate to the maturity of the team and the people they are managing.

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