Eugen Cojocaru is the co-founder and Managing Director of Global Solutions for Development and the creator of SoftwareAcademy and TheTeamArchitect evolution concepts. He is passionate about helping people to find and unveil their true potential, guiding them through the development process. Through his coaching sessions, trainings and public speaking, he inspires people to unlock their potential and pursue greatness.

“The idea of this concept came when I realised that, in time, I naturally developed a system that helped me live a fulfilling life, achieve my goals and have great results working with others. I then decided to create a context where all my experience and knowledge can help others improve their results. When it comes to building successful groups and communities, leaders are having a determining role. Through my consulting programs, my mission is to inspire people to be authentic leaders for themselves and for the ones around them.”


As a child, Eugen was smart and curious, observing people and the things around him, always interested to understand the patterns – what is life, how everything is working and the reasons behind it. Finding ways to approach these patterns in an efficient manner and improve them became a challenge. 

He learned to write software, mostly by himself, in highschool and started to work in the IT domain since he was a 1st year student at the Informatics university. His passion and desire to become a professional in the Information Technology field led him to embrace a continuous development process which transformed, in time, in a mindset. Eugen also holds a Master of Business Informatics degree and he is currently involved in a PhD program in Management.

In the first part of his career, he had the opportunity to work with customers from all over the world and understand the praiseworthy aspects and shortcomings of small, medium and large IT companies. In 2013 he started to build a place where everything is based on strong principles and values, where people feel inspired, safe and creative, being the best in what they’re doing and carrying out their activity with joy and enthusiasm.

In the last 10 years, Eugen was involved in building teams and coordinating projects as a manager in an IT corporation, his own company (GSD) and other companies, as part of his consulting services. 

Supported by his wife and the two daughters, Eugen is having a fulfilling life and activity, with focus on supporting people to find and unveil their true potential, guiding them through the development process. His coaching sessions, workshops and presentations, offer him the opportunity to inspire people towards greatness and become authentic leaders.

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