The Team Architect

Being a Team Architect is a mindset, reflected through a series of consulting programs designed to inspire, educate and support people to achieve greatness in creating and managing teams and projects. The objective of this evolutionary concept is to teach people how to genuinely get involved in leading and managing other people, receiving the tools […]


Eugen Cojocaru is the co-founder and Managing Director of Global Solutions for Development and the creator of SoftwareAcademy and TheTeamArchitect evolution concepts. He is passionate about helping people to find and unveil their true potential, guiding them through the development process. Through his coaching sessions, trainings and public speaking, he inspires people to unlock their […]

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Global Solutions for Development

GSD is a professional IT Services company, providing a wide range of customised software solutions and products. By combining well defined processes with technical expertise and project management, we design, implement and manage solutions for business.

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